Yoga is a practice that can be enjoyed by all. My yoga practice is based on Hatha / Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles so designed to flow and work your muscles, joints, tendons and connective tissue so you’ll get a little warm at times but it’s relaxing too!  During a session we’ll build on flexibility and strength, varying the poses (asanas) and expanding on what we have learnt before. As you’ll appreciate, breathing in yoga is just as important as the poses, in fact it’s the breathing in yoga which unifies the mind and body so it’s vital.  We therefore incorporate breath-work (pranayama) during the sessions too. In addition, we’ll focus on areas of the body where we often hold tension and stress, and of course we’ll also get to practice that lovely relaxation (shavasana) at the end. I will also weave aspects of mindfulness into the session so I hope you will find it useful for your mind, body and spirit!


I run weekly sessions in Montolieu on Wednesday and at the Salle de Fete in Pech-Luna on Friday at 3pm. If you’d like to attend one of these sessions or would like to know more about the Retreats then please contact me for further details.
I’m happy to work with you on a one to one basis at your home to help you develop a regular practice that suits you or I’m equally happy to establish another group session within your community, anywhere where we have space to get people together to roll out a mat and practice!


Would you like to stay at a Retreat with a difference?
We would like to offer you a wellness break at the beautiful Domaine Saladry, lovingly restored by Vickie & Neil
Malyon in the South West of France.

This is a special place where you can reconnect with yourself through practising yoga, mindfulness and wellness as well as nurturing yourself with wonderful food in order to return home feeling refreshed, revitalised and equipped with new techniques
to ensure you get the best out of life

About Me

For over 20 years I worked in a business environment for some well- known names such as the Virgin Atlantic, McLaren F1 and RSPCA running IT and business change programmes. I enjoyed the challenge but at times it was very pressurised so in my limited spare time I took up yoga to give me some much needed relaxation as well as trying to stay fit, strong and healthy. I now live between France and the U.K., so had to develop a yoga practice that I could do anywhere. Since practising yoga and mindfulness daily, my lifestyle has changed for the better. I now enjoy sharing what I’ve learnt and helping people improve their strength and flexibility, as well as employing techniques to help calm the mind and live a happier life.
I studied yoga in order to gain a greater understanding and deepen my practice. I’m qualified as a yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance YTTC200, British School of Yoga (BSY)), Yin Yoga Teacher Training YTTC50 and a Mindfulness practitioner (BSY). So I aim to bring all these elements together and share my knowledge with you.

 I hope you’ll enjoy your yoga journey as much as I have done so far….please contact me to find out more:
04 68 76 64 58 +44 (0)7970 840004 lara@yoga-mindfully.com