One to One Yoga

I am happy to work with you on a one to one basis at your home to help you develop a regular practice that suits you or I’m equally happy to establish another group session within your community, anywhere where we have space to get people together to roll out a mat and practice!

Whatever your experience with yoga it is always a pleasure to work with individuals on a tailored yoga routine which you can then do in your home, in your office or wherever you can roll out your mat! I aim to tailor your routine to suit you and your body plus to consider any areas of the body which either need specific care or strengthening.

In addition to Yoga, I am happy to discuss how to apply mindfulness and meditation techniques to your everyday lifestyle to enable you to feel clamer, happier and peaceful with life…



Contact Lara on UK +44 7970 840004 | FRANCE +33 4 68 76 64 58