Yoga Retreats 1 Day

Yoga Mindfully & Domain Saladry invite you to a day to reconnect to yourself … Fancy starting the day with an energising yoga session, then having time to yourself to enjoy a good book over a leisurely coffee, followed by a relaxing massage, relishing a slow unhurried lunch with new friends plus a mindfulness session to help you learn how to calm the mind?

Day Retreat Outline

Arrival at 8:30 at Domaine Saladry,  11150, Villepinte, Aude.  
Telephone: +33 (0)468 23 55 57 (Saladry Office, ask for Vickie or Neal)

What will you need to bring / wear;

  • Loose, comfortable warm clothing for yoga and possibly being outdoors
  • Yoga mat (optional, please bring if you have one)
  • Blanket and small cushion (good for yoga and mindfulness sessions or just to cosy up in, spares are available at the retreat but you might have your own favourites)
  • Book, kindle, iPad for reading

Why not get a group of friends together and we will host your retreat day at Domaine Saladry

Cost from €90 Per Person

Retreat Day timetable (may be subject to change on the day depending on weather / timings etc.)

  • 08:30 : Arrival
  • 09.00 : Yoga class
  • 10.30 : Coffee / light breakfast
  • 11:00 : Relaxation / free time  (free time activities see below)*
  • 13:00 : Lunch
  • 14:15 : Relaxation / free time  (free time activities see below)*
  • 16:15 : Regroup and review
  • 16:30 – 17:00 Meditation to close

*Free time activities include; The retreat is designed for you to do as much or as little as you feel like doing, it would be lovely if you participate in the yoga session and of course indulge yourself with a massage and a lovely lunch with new friends but the following are all optional activities as you may prefer to sit quietly and read all day or if you prefer you can join in with the following:

  • Guided walk to and from the Canal Midi (weather permitting)
  • Use of bikes to explore the local area (weather permitting)
  • Yoga pose techniques / Q&A
  • Mindfulness discussion (what is it, how to be more mindful)
  • Meditation; an opportunity to try out different types to find one that suits you
  • Coffee / tea / water / juice available throughout the day

Massages will be taking place throughout the day to ensure that everyone receives one.  We will sort out the exact timing of the massages with you on the day.